How to enlist

Teams of 4 or 5 people can enlist until 7 days before the event by filling out the form on this website or sending an email to After this date, registration is only possible on invitation.

 Normally a team has 4 members.  However, a 5th member is allowed if he/she has not reached the age of 18 on the day of the event.

The following information should be added to the registration:

  • The team’s name. The format of a team name is <mother organization>_<team name> , e.g. KULEUVEN_THEMOSFETS. The organization has the right to modify the team name to avoid confusion or to preserve good taste.
  • The website/social media page of the team, if not, of its parent organization.
  • The parent company, institution, formal or informal group it represents.
  • A corresponding person, called “captain”, with
    • Name
    • Address
    • Email
    • Mobile phone
  • The names and emails of the effective participants, 4 in total, possibly including the captain. One can change all effective participants until the last moment, yet the corresponding person cannot be changed.

The registration fee is 20 € per team (giving right to 10 € of free drink coupons). During the registration process you will receive the bank details.

Registration becomes valid after payment is received.

By enlisting, the team agrees that its participation and results will be made public, and that photos taken at the event might afterwards appear on the website.

On approval by the organization the team will receive a “roll number”. Having an early roll number bears little benefit, except that this gives a place close to the quiz masters, and gives the advantage in case of a draw.

Personnel of the Organizer cannot participate in the competition, participation outside competition is possible.



Each round is separately scored.

The winner is the team that reached the highest total of the scores of all rounds.

In case of a draw, the team with the best score of the “file rouge” (red wire) rounds wins.  In case this is also a draw, the team with the lowest roll number wins.