With thanks to XFAB for providing and sponsoring the wafers for the Waferpetanque!

Rules of WaferPetanque:

  • Each of the teams will send a delegate to defend his or her team for the WaferPetanque
  • [new 2022] The playing field is sized minimally 3×3 meter, defined by blue tape
  • [new 2022] the playing field soil should not be flat.  Ideally it should be like a real petanque field (boulodrome)
  • The playing field may only be entered by the referee
  • On one side of the playing field is a throwing zone for the player, measuring 1×1 meter, defined by blue tape
  • At the start of the game, the referee places the “jack” (small round disk) at a random place in the playing field
  • The players attempt a throw one by one, and only one attempt per player. The order of players is decided randomly by the referee. The players are allowed to roll, throw or shove their wafer. The players are not allowed to touch the edge (defined by blue tape) of the playing field nor to enter the playing field. The player must make its attempt within 1 minute after entering the throwing zone.
  • The wafer must bear the player’s team number or name
  • The wafers are provided by the organization
  • If the wafer breaks, the result for that team is invalid and the player’s team is eliminated and receives zero points.
  • When all participants have made their attempts, the referee will determine the score as follows:
    • The winner is determined by the wafer that ends with its center closest to the “jack“. This teams receives 10 points.
    • The wafer that ended second closest to the “jack” receives 9 points.
    • And so forth.
    • Only the top ten ranked will receive points. Wafers that are outside the playing field can still receive points if they are one of the 10 closest wafers to the “jack“.
    • The referee may disqualify participants for inappropriate behavior or for entering the playing field without permission.
    • In the event of a tie, the referee may decide to give the advantage to the first registered team.
  • There is no appeal possible against the referee’s decision